Kurt Panouses featured on MinnesotaConnected.com

Kurt Panouses featured on MinnesotaConnected.com – read the full article here & below:

Kurt D. Panouses Featured on Good Morning America

If you’re lucky enough to score a winning ticket, here are some tips on what to do with your prize money.

Lottery Winners

Over my 30 plus years of practicing law (as an Attorney and CPA), I have had the pleasure of advising several lottery winners. The list of Clients runs from $1,000,000 winners (and groups) all the way to the January 2016 $1.5 Billion dollar “Melbourne Beach” Powerball winners. While there are plenty of similarities in advising […]


Death Before the RBD (Required Beginning Date).  If the owner of an IRA dies before the RBD (or at any age for a Roth IRA owner) one of two rules apply.  The first rule (five-year rule) requires the entire benefit to be distributed on or before December 31 of the year in which the fifth […]