2020 Election: Politics, Taxes & More

Over the years I have looked at politics as being an institution that brings humor to my life and daily coffee conversation. However, as we move into this 2020 election, I believe it is time to sit down and reflect on our values and what these individual candidates are saying. In addition to the issues […]

Inheritance and Disability Benefits

An inheritance may affect the Social Security benefits you are receiving.  Essentially, Social Security provides two types of disability benefits.  One benefit is for disabled workers, the other benefit is for disabled adults and children with limited income and resources. The first type of benefit, the one for disabled workers (SSDI) is a benefit for […]

Kurt Panouses featured on Good Morning America again!

Kurt Panouses featured on MinnesotaConnected.com

Kurt Panouses featured on MinnesotaConnected.com – read the full article here & below:

Kurt D. Panouses Featured on Good Morning America

If you’re lucky enough to score a winning ticket, here are some tips on what to do with your prize money.

Why Do You Need a Surrogate?

HEALTH CARE DECISIONS…WHY YOU NEED A SURROGATE? No one can predict when a serious illness or accident might occur. When it does, you may need someone else to speak or make health care decisions for you. If you plan, you can increase the chances that you will receive timely medical treatment. In Florida, you can […]

Lottery Winners

Over my 30 plus years of practicing law (as an Attorney and CPA), I have had the pleasure of advising several lottery winners. The list of Clients runs from $1,000,000 winners (and groups) all the way to the January 2016 $1.5 Billion dollar “Melbourne Beach” Powerball winners. While there are plenty of similarities in advising […]


Death Before the RBD (Required Beginning Date).  If the owner of an IRA dies before the RBD (or at any age for a Roth IRA owner) one of two rules apply.  The first rule (five-year rule) requires the entire benefit to be distributed on or before December 31 of the year in which the fifth […]